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Additional support for learning needs

The Education (Additional Support for Learning) Act 2004, often referred to as the ASL Act, introduced a legal framework for supporting children and young people who require some additional support with their learning in nurseries and schools.

The Act places a duty on Education Services to ensure that all children and young people are provided with the support they require to help them to work towards achieving their potential and benefit from nursery and school education.

Many young children with additional support needs attend their local mainstream nursery and are very well supported there but the Council also has a small number of nursery places within some of its additional support for learning schools which support children with more complex needs.

There are also 2 pre-school assessment and development centres within Glasgow – Linn PSADC and Duntarvie PSADC – which work with some children short term to help mainstream nurseries in developing appropriate strategies to work with autism or other communication differences.

You cannot apply directly for your child to attend an ASL nursery pentryrovision or one of the assessment and development services. Your child would normally be referred on by either your mainstream nursery, Glasgow Educational Psychology Services or the health service.

If you are worried about your child's development, you should speak to the head of the nursery you use for further advice.