Learning in the early years is all about fun. Children in our nurseries will have the opportunity to learn through a wide range of play experiences both indoors and outdoors.

We recognise that in order for children to learn they need to feel safe, happy and secure which is why there is a focus on learning alongside care. We work hard to deliver an interesting, exciting and imaginative learning programme full of play experiences both indoors and outdoors that encourages your child to achieve their own potential as a learner. Staff foster and develop caring, sharing and positive behaviour modelled in their words and actions. Children are supported to become successful learners and grow in confidence, becoming more self-assured and responsible citizens that are effective contributors in our society.  

Just like adults, all children have different interests and learn at different rates and in different ways. In nurseries, we aim to provide activities and experiences that will excite, engage, challenge and support all children to learn in their preferred way, at their preferred pace. 

Early Learning and Childcare research has shown that young children learn best when engaged in active learning. Learning through play will involve approaches such as spontaneous free play, responsive play, planned play, play which involves investigating, exploring and problem solving, play which focusses on learning through events and life experiences and some focused learning and teaching.

To support us in providing relevant, high quality learning experiences for children we plan for their learning using a wide range of local and national documents. More information on the documents used to support young children’s learning can be found here.


We also recognise the important role that you play in your child’s learning and the vital knowledge that you have about them. Our nurseries, therefore, will want to work in partnership with you to support your child to achieve their fullest potential. At this very important time in your child’s education we hope you feel supported by us and we want you to play an active role in your child’s learning.

Nurseries are regulated by the Care Inspectorate www.careinspectorate.com and also inspected by Education Scotland https://education.gov.scot/.  You can find the latest inspection report on your child's nursery on their websites.