Here is where to find more information on who is eligible for a funded place from age 2 : Eligible two year old criteria

If your 2 year old meets the criteria for funded ELC, they can access it from the start of the first term AFTER their second birthday OR the start of the first term AFTER you start receiving any of the named benefits or tax credits within the eligibility criteria.

You can check your eligibility for a 2 year old place online using the following link: : Early Learning and Childcare - Glasgow City Council Need help with myaccount or require further information?

For Enquiries relating to Invoicing,Charging and Eligible 2 enquiries please use the Online Enquiry Form on webpage at Early Learning & Childcare webpage Early Learning and Childcare - Glasgow City Council or telephone 0141 287 4702 (option 1) to speak to a member of the team. Telephone lines are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30am- 12:30pm

Children aged 0-2 currently have no entitlement to any funded nursery hours unless they meet the eligible 2 year old criteria. This means you would need to pay for any hours in nursery yourself. If your child attends a Council nursery, in some circumstances you may be exempt from paying fees or offered a reduction in your fees. You should ask the nursery head about this.

Children due to start school in August are entitled to defer their entry to school and have another funded year in nursery if their 5th birthday will take place between the first day of term in August and the last day of February. You should speak to the head of the nursery or the childminder where you access your child’s ELC hours, to let them know you would like to defer your child’s entry to primary school.

For more information on deferred entry to school, please look here : Deferred Entry to Primary School Information for Parents / Carers

Nursery places for children who do NOT live in Glasgow may also be available. You should speak to your preferred nursery about applying for a place as a cross-boundary resident. Glasgow City Council has an agreed protocol with neighbouring Councils to help sort out funding arrangements for this. Here is a link to our Cross Boundary Information for Parents.

Additional Hours in Nursery or with a Registered Childminder

If you need more than your child’s funded 1140 hours per year of  early learning and childcare, you will need to pay for the extra hours.

If your child is not yet old enough to be eligible for the funded 1140 hours or does not meet the eligible 2 year old criteria, you will have to pay for ALL of the hours you use in nursery.

This applies in Council nurseries, Funded Provider nurseries and with Registered Childminders.

Charges in Council Nurseries Session 2023-2024

In Council nurseries, charges can vary according to your family circumstances. Charges also vary according to how old your child is. Depending on your circumstances, you may be exempt from paying fees or entitled to a reduction. Your nursery will clarify the charging rate which applies to you. 

Different rates apply for Glasgow resident families and for families who do not live within the Glasgow City Council area. If you don’t live in Glasgow, you will be charged the Non-resident Standard Rate. If you live in Glasgow, you will be charged at the Resident Discounted Rate.

Should you move into or out of Glasgow boundaries during your child’s time at a Council nursery, you can still usee the same nursery but your charging rate will change.

The Resident Reduced Rate applies to students, resident in Glasgow, who are self-funding their childcare (i.e. childcare costs are not covered by the college or university attended)

Reductions apply where you have more than one child attending a GCC nursery.

Charges for meals apply for children who are not eligible for the funded 1140 hours of early learning and childcare.

Council Charging Rates

Non-resident Standard Rate (3-5 years)                          £5.00 per Hour

Resident Discounted Rate (3-5 years)                             £4.50 per Hour

Non-resident Standard Rate (0-2 years)                          £4.00 per Hour                                      

Resident Discounted Rate (0-2 years)                             £3.00 per Hour

Resident Reduced Rate                                                    £1.00 per Hour

Resident Second Child Rate                                             £2.20 per Hour

Resident Third Child Rate                                                  £1.70 per Hour

Breakfast                                                                             £0.50 per Meal

Lunch                                                                                   £1.52 per Meal

All charges, including those for meals are subject to annual review and any changes will be notified to parents/carers by the Head of your nursery. 

For more information:  Parent Charging Pack for Council Nurseries

Charges in Funded Provider Nurseries and with Registered Childminders

If you use a Funded Provider or Registered Childminder for all or part of your child’s 1140 hour entitlement, you should not have to pay anything for those hours. The cost is funded by the Council, including the cost of your child's lunch and one snack per day.

If you take up more than the 1140 hours or if your child is not yet eligible for the funded hours, you will have to pay for the hours you use. The Funded Provider or Childminder sets their own charges for these hours and you should discuss this with them. You may also have to pay for any meals or snacks your child has over and above those which are funded as part of the 1140 entitlement.

Charges for School Aged Childcare Services

There are currently no funded hours available in school aged childcare services and you have to pay for all of the hours you use. You may also have to pay for meals and snacks. The service sets their own charges for these hours and for food and you should discuss this with them.u

Support with Paying for Childcare

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers provide savings for employers and employees. Employers may offer childcare vouchers (to help with childcare costs under the salary sacrifice scheme. This means that a portion of your pre-tax salary can be used to pay childcare providers directly, saving you the tax that you would have paid on that portion of your salary. This may affect the amount of tax credits a family are entitled to. Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for childcare that is registered by the Care Inspectorate. 

The following websites can give more information on childcare voucher schemes or

Tax Credits

Tax Credits are payments from the government. A family may qualify for Child Tax Credit if they are responsible for at least one child or young person.  If someone is in work, but are on a low income, the family may qualify for Working Tax Credit. There is a childcare element to Working Tax Credit which can offset childcare costs. This can only be used to pay for childcare that is registered by the Care Inspectorate.   Child Tax Credit and the childcare element of Working Tax Credit are paid directly to the main carer. Further information on Tax Credits can be obtained from or by calling 0845 300 3900.

Citizen’s Advice

Citizen’s Advice offers free, confidential and impartial advice on a range of issues including benefits.

Glasgow City Council Welfare Rights and Money Advice Service

Glasgow City Council Welfare Rights and Money Advice Service is part of Social Work Services. There is also a central unit that provides training, tribunal representation and debt advice. 

Glasgow Helps

The Council’s Glasgow Helps service can provide advice and support on a wide range of issues for Glasgow citizens. For more information please go here -

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